Integras allows media service providers to broadcast their content over the web through IPTV and Web TV. Viewers will be able to have access to content whenever and wherever they want by simply connecting to the internet and signing in through their personal accounts. The demand for VOD services such as Netflix and time-shifting video recorders such as the UK’s Sky + is increasing at significant rate; indicating that the future of broadcast is shifting towards this newly popularised phenomenon.
   Broadcasters can both upload pre-recorded programmes or livestream programmes as they are being recorded into a server. As opposed to downloaded media, IPTV and Web TV allows its clients to stream the source media at a continuous and almost immediate rate. Clients can access the server at any point in time; being able to stream live programmes or watch pre-recorded programmes by simply selecting what they want to watch through a simple user interface.
   While IPTV and Web TV generally focuses on use within households, corporate and private businesses have also begun using these services as an easy way to distribute audio-visual content within a single server. Depending on preferred mode of use, our engineers will collaborate with media proprietors to decide on which IPTV and Web TV solution will best fit the aspirations of the establishment.