Integras takes its place among the leading manufacturers of fully equipped DSNG & OB Vehicles having successfully designed and built almost ten within the last 5 years for various clients across the globe. We build modernised OB Vehicles from scratch and also offer upgrades for existing vehicles to be consistent with technological and operational developments in the industry.
   Integras specialises in building OB vehicles from the ground up through its control over coach-building operations. We manufacture broadcasting vehicles of all sizes through our own means; tweaking and altering the slightest of details to ensure the perfect infrastructure for different modes of use. We administer all stages of production to make sure that planning, testing and installation are fully consistent. Our engineers and technicians use the most advanced techniques to build vehicles best suited to our clients’ specifications.
   As with all of our broadcast systems, we always source equipment from leading manufacturers to ensure that vehicles being produced are of the highest quality. We manufacture custom goods where necessary so that every single detail, however small, is met with precision.