Integras specialises in designing and implementing systems integration projects for broadcast facilities of all sizes and types; including TV Studios, news and digital asset management and archive systems, monitoring / QC systems and playout systems. Depending on required function and use, we build systems that will help the end-user fulfil their ultimate expectations to their fullest.
    By attuning our vast knowledge of management and engineering, we will closely examine all possible workflows and management schemes for a particular project in order to extend a variety of bespoke solutions to best fit the needs of a broadcast facility.
    Full system integration is provided wherein equipment is sourced from top manufacturers to ensure a robust and flexible end-product, and installed in a way that will be practical and effective in all means. We also produce custom-made cables, racks and stacks. Integrated systems will not only be fully functional but also unique.
    In addition to fully installing intricate broadcast systems, we also offer comprehensive support and training to ensure that clients get the most out of their newly fitted systems.