Digital Satellite Platform (D-Smart)

D-Smart is a Turkish Digital Satellite Platform provider launched in 2007. It launched high-definition television broadcasts in 2008.
By late 2012, D-Smart had around 1.6m subscribers, of which around half were free-to-air customers; revenues were around EUR350m.
Client: Dogan Media Group


Turkish Armed Forces Rehabilitation and Care Centre

Integras had provided design and delivery of non-medical electronic systems including patience monitoring, video conference, PA, security and video presentation technologies, through its affiliate Tan corporation, Ankara. The contract value of this turnkey project was in access of 80 million US$.
Client: Consortium Partnership with Tepe Group


Security Systems

Çırağan Palace (Turkish: Çırağan Sarayı), a former Ottoman palace, is now a five-star hotelin the Kempinski Hotels chain. It is located on the European shore of the Bosporus, between Beşiktaş and Ortaköy in Istanbul, Turkey.
Client: Kempinski Hotels S.A.


Airport Management Systems Integration

Istanbul Atatürk Airport is the main international airport serving Turkey (followed by Sabiha Gökçen International Airport) and the biggest airport inTurkey by total number of passengers, destinations served and aircraft movements. 
Client: TAV Airports Holding


Modernisation of Technical Infrastructure​

The Iraqi Media Network (IMN) is a government holding company for outlets including Al-Iraqiya TV and Republic of Iraq Radio
Client: Iraqi Media Network


Security and Professional AV Systems

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, CBRT (Turkish: Türkiye Cumhuriyet Merkez Bankası, TCMB) is the central bank of Turkey and was founded as a joint stock company on 11 June 1930.
Client: Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey

Olympic Complex

Ashgabat – 2016
Founded in 1995 on top of the architectural, engineering and cultural accumulation of three close friends, Polimeks never lost the enthusiasm and momentum of the first day that moved the company forward in such a short time.




Official Tourism Portal of Turkey

goturkey.com, the official web portal of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism promoting Turkey and its tourism is the fastest and most reliable source providing the most accurate information regarding Turkey’s tourism. In coordination with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and all variables of tourism, goturkey.com aims to promote the natural, cultural, artistic and historical values of our country in digital environment and share the diverse heritage of our country with the world. 
Client: Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture 

Kazakh Kino 2017

Film cameras and accessories.


Camera Mercedes Atego OB Truck

We have recently delivered a state of the art 8 Camera Mercedes Atego OB Truck to Kyrgyzstan government TV. EVS (IT Switcher and Slow Motion), Imagine (Switchers and Glue), Panasonic (Cameras), Fujinon, Sacthtler, Bosch, Soundcraft are among the manufacturers of the state of the art equipment which are successfully integrated by Integras.
The coach-building having industrial AC system, Vebasto, power generator is also produced by Integras.
Client: Kyrgyzstan Republican Radio and TV Centre


Bala dauysy 2017

The Foundation deals with social, charitable, cultural, educational and other activities, not prohibited by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Founder of the Foundation – Aliya Nursultanovna Nazarbayeva – social activist, the author of “Bala dauysy” National children song contest”, chief producer of “The path to Mother”, “Tomiris”. Laureate of the state prize in the field of literature and art. Chairman of the Association of environmental organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


World Nomad Games 2018

The World Nomad Games is an event that has brought the nomadic lifestyle of Central Asian cultures to the forefront of the world stage through traditional and modern sports, intelligence games and cultural activities. Integras had been appointed as Exclusive Marketing and Communications Agency of the World Ethnosports Confederation with the role of promoting the Games through social media platforms and TV channels and to raise funds for the 2018 and upcoming 2020 Games which will be held in Turkey.

Assoc Industrial Media 2019

Media measurement – is used to assess who ıs consumıng, what kind of media, which channel-program, at what time and what is the viewing frequency. 
Media measurement has significant meaning both for broadcasters and advertising market in order to make data-based decision for ones to show the most popular content and for others to plan, place and evaluate advertising campaigns.